St. Mary's Elementary School


Bullying in its truest form is comprised of a series of repeated, intentionally cruel incidents involving students. Bullying, which includes acts of physical violence as well as verbal assaults, will not be tolerated in the classroom or on the school grounds. We encourage all students to report all acts of bullying to an adult, teacher, parent or principal. Teachers and the administration will with each case inform parents of actions to be taken. Along with appropriate consequences students will be assigned a learning package to be completed and kept on file.

Continued bullying by a student will result in suspension and may lead to expulsion.

The school's goals are: 

  • To promote a secure and happy environment free from threat and harassment and where Christian values and attitudes are nurtured. 
  • To show commitment to prevent and address bullying 

Strategies to prevent bullying will only be effective when placed within the context of our Catholic culture where respect for all others, made in God’s image, is consistently taught and demonstrated in every aspect of school life. Christian values, which represent the antithesis of bullying, must be continually affirmed in words and actions. 

Strategies to Prevent Bullying 

  • Affirm through religious education, liturgies and assemblies the value of the individual person and the qualities of compassion, empathy, kindness, reconciliation, tolerance, respect and justice are upheld and encouraged. 
  • Extend this teaching of values across the curriculum to include teaching specifically related to bullying in appropriate curriculum topics. 
  • Ensure that students hear from adults very clear statements about the unacceptability of bullying behaviours. 
  • Teach positive ways of resolving conflict through our Second Step Program. 
  • Provide support for teachers and parents through information seminars and workshops. 


  • The school will investigate all reports of peer conflict, mean behaviour, and bullying 
  • Records of reports will be maintained by school staff. 
  • With confirmed cases of bullying, the school will work with the parents and the students involved to resolve and change behaviour where all students feel safe and respected. 
  • The school will access community resources designed to assist families and schools as needed. 
  • Resistance to behaviour change and repeated offences may lead to suspension. 
  • Continued bullying by a student may lead to expulsion. 


St. Mary's Bullying Poster