Information for Prospective International Students


1. The student should have basics of English, both spoken and written.  After acceptance into St. Mary’s, a student may be required to attend E.S.L. classes after school hours.

2. To apply for admission to St. Mary’s School

  • Please complete the attached Pre-Registration Form (PDF file link)
  • Please note: Submitting this form does not indicate acceptance at St. Mary’s
  • Please attach your most recent transcript (in English) of all academic marks
  • If residing in Canada, please attach a copy of your current Student Visa
  • If residing in Canada, please attach copy of your guardian’s Canadian Citizenship or Landed Immigrant document
  • Copy of Private Medical Coverage documents
  • Copy of Immunization documents

3. An appointment should be set up with the Principal, the student applying and the guardian.

4. Upon acceptance the tuition is due in advance:

  • $12,000.00 Tuition per year per student ($1,200.00 per month)
  • $100.00 Registration (non-refundable)
  • $600.00 Activity Fee ($60.00 per month)
  • Upon receipt of tuition, a Letter of Acceptance will be issued.  The tuition is not refundable.  Upon acceptance, a school uniform will need to be purchased.

5. For a student applying from outside the country, this letter will be sent to the applicant and they should apply for a Student Visa at their nearest Canadian Immigration office.  This process can take 6 – 8 weeks.  A copy of the Student Visa must be sent to St. Mary’s School as soon as it is received.

6. We have no dormitory facilities at St. Mary’s and the student should reside with an English speaking family.  

7. Standards regarding absenteeism and participation in extra-curricular activities should be agreed to at the time of application.  Chronic tardiness and absenteeism will be dealt with very seriously and the student could risk losing their “Student Visa” status in Canada.