School History



St. Mary's School is part of the Catholic Independent Schools of the Vancouver Archdiocese (CISVA), belonging to St. Mary's Parish. Our school ha been providing Catholic education for our community for over 80 years.

It was in 1931, when our parish broke ground for our first school building and in that following September, students were accepted into St. Mary's. Then in 1979, the parish began construction to expand the school on top of our gym, which stands today as our current building. Upon the completion of the new structure, Archbishop Carney came to bless our school on June 22, 1980, and this marked the start of new beginnings for St. Mary's.

Since then, our school has continuously evolved through each passing year to provide the best academic education in an environment of faith & virtue for families of St. Mary's parish & the surrounding community. Some of these changes include modern facilities such as: a new music room, learning assistance centre, computer lab, interactive whiteboards in every classroom & an iPad cart station. It is through active dedication from our past and present families & the parish community that has helped fund raise to build everything that our children need to be able to thrive in excellence.

In accordance to CISVA policies, a Parish Education Committee (PEC) is set in place to govern local policies on school matters. With the partnership of our school staff and the PEC they are able to continue the legacy of creating the best environment for our children's future to learn and grow in all facets of life: in faith, academics, arts, sports and community service.

The fact that our school enjoys such fine harmony & a friendly atmosphere is due in large measure to our principal & staff. We have a dedicated staff of 22 teachers, educational aides & administration, who execute the vision that our highly talented principal, Ms. Brenda Krivuzoff has planned to secure the future success of the school and the 230 students enrolled at St. Mary's.

The parish & its education committee would like to thank all the families (past and present) who have made the school what it is today. Our school is a reflection of the sacrifice, commitment, charity & faith of all our parents, especially in the areas of participation & fundraisers. It is those of our past, who have provided our students with upgraded facilities, jerseys, equipment & supplies; that it is our responsibility to continue their legacy and set a new example for future generations. For the success of St. Mary's it is critical for our community to be engaged & aware of the many challenges we must overcome to provide the best for our children. Educational needs evolve over time and we must adapt to facilitate the change to meet these needs.

To make these possibilities a reality we must have FAITH to believe all things are possible though God the Father, Son & Holy Spirit. So that in HOPE we are able to embrace the future with confidence in God. With LOVE we can open our hearts to offer support, acceptance & compassion to all. This is so that our children can develop respect & build relationships based on trust, honesty & integrity. That they have gratitude in appreciating & stewarding the many talents & blessings we receive. And in the end our children will learn to become great leaders, as they will emulate the active service, generosity & compassion of their mentors. Let us continue to do greater things for their future & for those of the next generation!

Yours faithfully,


Mrs. Jamie Bantog

Chairperson of Parish Education Committee


Fr. Pierre Leblond, OP