Show and Tell

Dear Kindergarten Parents,
Beginning January 17th we will be starting Show and Tell in Kindergarten.  If your
child wishes to participate they should bring in a special item from home that they
would like to speak about as they show it to the class.  We will have Show and Tell
each day with the class divided into 5 groups.  Each child has one turn per week. 
Mondays – Mark, Joseph, Aiden, Aaron, Elizabeth, Mattias
Tuesdays – Janelle, Nicolette, R.J., Arun, Kimberly, Carel
Wednesdays – Christopher L., Jeanmary, Lana, Jhayruss, Stephanie, Precious
Thursdays – Nikolina, Kenneth, Lorenz, Isabella, Kiera, Joshua
Fridays – Xzavier, Matthew, Maxene, Alexa, Raphael, Chris Y.
This will remain their day until the end of June.  If their day falls on a holiday or day
off school they may bring in their Show and Tell on the day before or after.  I
strongly encourage the students to participate in this activity each week.
Some ideas for items for Show and Tell are a favourite book, a special photo, a small
toy, a picture they have drawn or coloured, something they have made, a memento
from a holiday, etc. My email stated last weekend that no toys should be brought to
school but this is a different situation. They will not be playing with these items but
using it to speak to the class then putting it away.
We will still continue our “Mystery Bag” activity too.  We have had some very good
clues written about these mystery items and the children are enjoying the activity very
     Mrs. L. Paquin