Reconciliation and Communion

In Grade Two the children prepare to receive two sacraments for the first time: Reconciliation and Communion.  Their journey begins with the Enrolment Celebration held in the fall.  The students gather with their parents at Mass and the children renew publically the vows done for them at Baptism – they say a strong “I do” to the faith of the Church.  They submit signed promises agreeing to do activities as a family throughout the year to strengthen their relationship with Jesus.  These pledges of time and prayer will help prepare their hearts to receive Christ in these new ways.  


In February, the children celebrate their First Reconciliation during an evening celebration and the whole family is welcome to attend.  Each child meets Jesus in this new special way, understanding that he is always there to forgive their sins and to comfort them.  The child receives the Sacrament and the whole family is given a blessing of peace – and then sent forth to celebrate that “the lost have been found.”


In May, the children and their families gather for the greatest feast of all – the Eucharist – Holy Communion!  This celebration is held on a Saturday afternoon and involves the students of the school and the Parish Religious Education Program.   At this celebration an offering of food is collected and is given to the Collingwood Neigbourhood House Breakfast Program for the homeless.  This collection acknowledges that hearts fed with the Body of Christ must now be challenged to be like Christ and help with the needs of the world.