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Catechism of the Catholic Church

Code of Canon Law

Encyclicals and Councils

Pericles' Funeral Oration

Famous Men of Greece

On the Shores of the Great Sea

The Four Levels of Happiness

The Real FSA Tests - Do your best on them. Enjoy!


FSA Field Tests

Sample FSA Tests

Saints and Their Symbols

Illuminated word assignment using the above site: Boys choose a male saint’s name; girls a female saint’s name. Use a ruler.

1) At the beginning in pencil, draw a square 10 cm. wide and 10 cm. high

2) Pressing lightly with a pencil, the first letter should fill the box.

3) Decorate the first letter of the name with symbols associated with the saint.

4) Neatly print the rest of the letters.

5) Go over all the letters with a fine-liner

6) Colour the images around the name.



Go to this site to find the Mass readings.




GOALS assignment:

Choose a peron who has achieved major long-term goals. What short-term goals did that person accomplish along the way? What obstacles did he or she have to overcome? Why is this person inspiring for you?



Sample Paragraphs


Religious Orders

Research three religious communities of your sex from those given at this site. Describe their manner of life, their daily schedule, their history, and anything else of note. For each community, your descriptions should be one page double-spaced in writing (not typing).">Catechism of the Catholic Church

Go to Part III, Section 1, ch. 1 to find the section on virtue.

Burgess Shale Fossils This is your starting page to do a bit of research on five different fossils. For each fossil, state i. the name of the fossil, ii. the size of the fossil, iii. the habitat, iv. unique features of the fossil, and v. a modern animal the fossil is like.

IXL Math

Fun (but difficult) FSA Tests. Do your best on them.

Patrons Saints Index

How to make a Hoplite Helmet

Baltimore Catechism: (   NB. Make sure you go to CATECHISM # 2.

Hammurabi's Code:    


BBC Primary History - Greeks