All Day Kindergarten

St Mary's offers an all day kindergaren programWhen is my child eligible for kindergarten in British Columbia?

You can register your child for kindergarten the calendar year they turn 5 years old.

Is my child ready for a full day of kindergarten?

Every child develops at their own level and speed. Talk to your school principal, or kindergarten teacher, about how to ease your child’s transition to kindergarten, and to ease your mind.

Will my child have access to full day kindergarten this year?

In 2010, school districts and independent school authorities are responsible for selecting which schools will offer full day kindergarten. Please contact your local board of education or independent school authority for information on schools offering full day kindergarten in 2010.

Full Day Kindergarten

  • Full day kindergarten is being offered in British Columbia for up to 50 per cent of eligible students in the fall of 2010, and for all kindergarten-aged children in September 2011.
  • Full day learning is associated with improved reading and numeracy, smoother transitions to Grade 1, and increased post-secondary graduation rates.
  • Full day kindergarten enables teachers to give their students more individual attention.

Benefits of Full Day Kindergarten

For Your Child

  • More opportunities to learn through play.
  • Extended interaction with other children to help develop strong social-emotional skills and positive self esteem.
  • Greater exposure to educational materials to help develop strong literacy skills.
  • More time for teachers to meet the needs of children.
  • Fewer transitions during the day.
  • More individual and small-group activities.

For Parents

  • Stronger connection to your child’s school.
  • Confidence in your child’s education program.
  • Opportunity to take a more active role in your child’s formal education.
  • Economic benefits if your childcare expenses are reduced.
  • Greater work/life balance, allowing parents more time to work or study.

Building Blocks For Life

  • Research shows that a play-based kindergarten program helps children to succeed in school and in life.
  • Experiences in early childhood shape future learning habits.

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